Perception of Tuberculosis Treatment in Tribal area of Akole Block of Ahmednagar, Maharashtra

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Afwan Khan
Swanand Tilekar
Sunil Thitame
Somasundaram Konduri


Introduction: The family’s knowledge and perception of any disease are essential conditions to formulate effective health policies to combat the disease. The tribal populations of India are likely to live discrete hard to reach geographic areas with their common cultural and socio-religious beliefs which are quite different from the general population. The present study was aimed to evaluate attitude with regards to the treatment of tuberculosis among the tribal community in Akole block of Ahmednagar District, Maharashtra. Methods: This was a qualitative cross-sectional study conducted in the tribal community. The study participants were subjected to a well-structured questionnaire which contained questions about the demographics and attitude of the patients concerning tuberculosis. Results: Twenty patients were included in the study, of which 12 (60%) were males while 8 (40%) were females. Majority of study participants opined that the treatment of tuberculosis should be free (19, 95%), agreed that they should disclose their illness to other people (17, 85%), were scared (12, 60%). Only 6 participants felt of being discriminated in the community. It was regarded by most of the participants that pregnant women won’t be affected by tuberculosis (15, 85%). Most of the study participants approached Private practitioner (11, 55%) and Public health care centre (8, 40%) initially, but preferred treatment from Governmental facility (18, 90%) upon the private facility (2, 10%). Conclusion: There has been a change in attitude and treatment-seeking behaviour of people of Tribal community with regards to tuberculosis. The community needs to be educated with regards to tuberculosis to alleviate fear and eliminate misconceptions. Control of TB in tribal areas continues to face some significant challenges.


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Khan, A., Tilekar, S., Thitame, S., & Konduri, S. (2020). Perception of Tuberculosis Treatment in Tribal area of Akole Block of Ahmednagar, Maharashtra. International Journal of Clinical and Biomedical Research, 6(4), 1–4.