Archiving Policies

  • Digital Archiving:

    • Content published in the journal is digitally archived/backed up in PKP/DOI to guarantee continued access for current accessibility and long-term preservation.
    • The published article metadata /full article shared with Indexing services to increase the availability to the scientific community through their electronic system in addition to our journal own.
    • In the case of rare and unavoidable circumstances, if the journal stops publishing, the articles will be kept online accessible at least ten more years.
    • In case of a crash of the journal website, the content will be available/accessible through our other digital archiving systems.




  • Self-archiving:

    • The post accepted version of the article may be archived on your website, your department's website, or the repository of your institution without any restrictions.
    • The author self-archiving we apply can be found in the Sherpa/Romeo database. (