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Samuel Oyewole
David Adeiza Otohinoyi
Akinfisoye Toluwalase
Ibukun Oshobu
Ajibola Babatunde
Temidayo Abe
Esther Olunu
Adegbenro Omotuyi John Fakoya


Myasthenia gravis is an autoimmune disorder that places patients in debilitating condition. It currently affects 14 to 20 per 100,000 population. Its pathogenesis involves the destruction of acetylcholine receptor by antibodies produced by lymphocytes in the thymus gland. Symptoms could vary from impair extraocular muscles to generalized weakness. The antibodies have also been reported to affect other muscle structure within the body such as cardiomyocytes, leading to arrhythmia episodes which could be fatal. This review is a student project and involves the assessment of myasthenia gravis and the interplay between thymoma and thymomectomy.

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Oyewole, S., Otohinoyi, D., Toluwalase, A., Oshobu, I., Babatunde, A., Abe, T., Olunu, E., & Fakoya, A. (2018). MYASTHENIA GRAVIS, THYMOMA, AND THYMOMECTOMY: THE CLINICAL INTERPLAY. International Journal of Clinical and Biomedical Research, 4(2), 80-83.
Author Biographies

Samuel Oyewole, All Saints University School of Medicine

Medical Student

David Adeiza Otohinoyi, All Saints Univesity School of Medicine

Medical Student

Akinfisoye Toluwalase

Associate Professor Department of Anatomical Sciences

Ibukun Oshobu, All Saints University School of Medicine

Medical Student

Ajibola Babatunde, All Saints University School of Medicine

Medical Student

Temidayo Abe, All Saints University School of Medicine

Medical Student

Esther Olunu, All Saints University School of Medicine

Instructor Department of Anatomical Sciences, Microbiology and Immunology

Adegbenro Omotuyi John Fakoya, All Saints University School of Medicine

Associate Professor Department of Anatomical Sciences


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