As an author submitting to or publishing with the 'International Journal of Current Research in Physiology and Pharmacology', you have specific rights regarding the use and distribution of your work. Here's a summary of your key rights:

  1. Copyright Retention: You, as the author(s), retain the copyright of your work without any restrictions. This means you hold the legal rights to your work even after publication.

  2. Publishing Rights: You also obtain the publishing rights without restrictions. This implies that you have the freedom to publish your work in this journal without any limitations.

  3. Pre-publication Version: You are free to use the version of the article you originally submitted to the journal in any way you wish.

  4. Post-acceptance Sharing: Once your article is accepted for publication, you may post the accepted version on your personal website, your department's website, or the institutional repository of your institution without any restrictions.

  5. Restrictions on Repository Sharing: You are not allowed to post the accepted version of the article in any repository outside of the ones mentioned above (e.g., repositories of other institutions or subject-matter repositories) until 12 months after the article’s publication in the journal.

  6. Use for Teaching and Research Sharing: You may use the published article for your own teaching needs or share it individually with research colleagues, as long as this is not for commercial purposes.

It’s important to note that these rights are subject to the journal’s standard policies and may vary slightly depending on specific circumstances. You are also responsible for ensuring that no proprietary material unprotected by patents is included in your paper and for obtaining necessary copyright release permissions for any copyrighted materials in your manuscript before submission. The responsibility for the technical content and protection of proprietary material lies solely with you and your co-authors.