Effect of practicing Yoga on Aerodynamic measures of Voice

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Aravinda H.R
Dipti Jog
Kushal Kumar A


Yoga is a Sanskrit word which interprets to the meaning “the unity of body and mind”. It is a blend of breathing drills, physical stances, and contemplation, and has been practiced in eastern conventional medicine for more than thousands of years [1]. A modest effort was taken in this study to examine the effect of Long term yoga training on Aerodynamic measures and also to compare and contrast these measures between individuals who practice yoga and who don’t.

A total of 120 phonation samples were obtained from participants who practice yoga and who don’t between the age ranges of 20-40 years. Samples assessing respiratory capacities were also taken from the above subjects. Statistical analysis showed a significant difference [p<0.05] between control group and experimental group for all parameters. Significant difference was also seen between genders [p<0.05]. Significant difference was seen in gender within control group [p=0.02] and also within experimental group [p=0.00].

The prevailing study establishes a positive correlation between practicing yoga and betterment in aerodynamic capacities. The results declare that there was significant escalation in vital capacity, maximum phonation duration, phonation quotient and mean air flow rate for individuals who practice regular yoga when compared to people who don’t. The outcome of the present study is a preliminary step towards creating evidence base for the practice of yoga towards overall aerodynamic improvement in healthy adults


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H.R, A., Jog, D., & Kumar A, K. (2020). Effect of practicing Yoga on Aerodynamic measures of Voice. International Journal of Current Research in Physiology and Pharmacology (IJCRPP), 4(3), 1–4. https://doi.org/10.31878/ijcrpp.2020.43.01